Fun Wednesday!

He had so much fun in his tractor at Kindermusik this morning! I was just happy he got in it!! The moms had to push them around for awhile in their "cars" during a couple of songs and at that point I was wishing he wouldn't have wanted to get in it!! haha!!

after Kindermusik we met all of our friends at the Bakery for cookies!! I got him a green tractor cookie in honor of the one we made out of the cardboard box and that was pretty much the worst decision of the day!! What a nightmare! He got it everywhere and his hands and mouth are still green! After the Shout didn't work and after an extensive panicked phone call with my Momma, I think we finally figured out how to get all the icing stains out of his clothes!! Ugghhh! No more green and black icing cookies!!

Hulk hands!!


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