Mom Moment #237

And just when I think we have the big boy bed down pat, I walk in to this during nap!! Our diaper pail is on the fritz, so I hadn't moved it into his room yet and was just putting teetee diapers in his trash can and taking poop diapers outside...too bad I didn't have the forethought to assume he would want to play with the trashcan in his bed! EWWW!

wouldn't you know the little boy that wont smile for ANYTHING, proudly cheeses in his diaper bed!!

then the sad face comes on when Mommy fusses!

but Mommy it's just diapers?!?!  Ughhh, what am I gonna do with two dirty little boys????!!! 

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  1. The amount of nasty I deal with with 2 boys........I've dealt with things no woman shoud have to deal with.