Girls Night Out!

Yesterday, I went with some of my friends on an afternoon/evening out! It's been awhile and was so nice to get out of the house without diapers and a sippy in my purse! We went to one of our favorite kids clothing stores, where I found matching button up gingham shirts for the boys (so cute, but I didn't really see anything else I was in love with!) then we headed over to a fun coffee shop (where I got my latest obsession, strawberry lemonade..MMmmm) on our way back to the car we spotted a cute kids toy/school supply store and guess what they had...Do-a-Dots markers!!! YEA!! They had the colors we have and some shimmer and florescent ones, but I chose these "brilliant" ones...

can't wait until "craft time" after nap today! Love all these fun colors! I also grabbed a few wooden train track ramps...they had them for sale in separate pieces, so you could pick out what you wanted and didn't have to buy a whole set. He is super into the magnetic wooden trains lately and I have been looking everywhere for ramps without having to buy another complete set of tracks. He is going to love it!! After the toy store, we went out for a fun dinner then headed home to our babes that were already in bed! Perfect girls outing!! :) 

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