Leprechaun Visit!

Merritt's leprechaun came to visit him this morning! He brought him a few fun green things! His favorite was the gold coins, imagine that?!?!

It is so hard to find St. Patrick's books, so we were excited to get these two, just wish they were board books, but we'll take what we can get :)  Both of these can be found on Amazon.

Toy Story socks and a Buzz Pez dispenser made for a fun green addition to his happy!

On black Friday I got a huge box of  36 Play-Doh canisters for 8 dollars (score!)...so I have been giving him a few coordinating colors at a time for his Holiday Happys. He LOVES Play-Doh and anything that keeps him busy for more that 30 minutes is a winner!!

He loves to put up AND take down these gel clings (that he's holding) on the windows in his play room for each holiday. I wish he would just leave them up, but he has different ideas! There are still hearts from V-day in several nooks and crannies!

He also got the movie Shrek...I think I found this in the $5 bin at Walmart ages ago..perfect for a green surprise!

really Mommy?!?!

I have a fun Chex /Lucky Charms snack mix to make but we will save that until closer to St. Pats! I just LOVE holidays...any holiday!! I know once McCoy gets here things will be much more crazy and every holiday might not be as fun or elaborate (McCoy will probably just get the books Merritt already got! New to him anyway! He wont mind!), but I just want to do fun things with him while I can...the look on his face in that last pic just reminds me that I only have a short time before he thinks all this is for babies and he wont want to celebrate with me anymore!! hehe!! 

It helps that I store all my holiday stuff in separate labeled Rubbermaid bins, so every year I can just pull everything back out and not have to buy new...you should see my bin collection, the Farmer was not excited to move it! It's mainly one bin per holiday, Valentines and St. Pats are together in one, Summer is in one, Easter and Fall have two, and Christmas has around 38...tehehe :) I keep his sippy cups, plates, decor, and any toys that we use for that holiday in it's own bin. I don't keep holiday books in the bins, since he has tons of bookshelves in his playroom, I just keep them all together in there for easy access! I LOVE to shop the clearance after holidays, you can get things for pennies, then I just put them in my bins and have them for next year and I don't have to buy full price when all the holiday stuff comes out. When I was home for Christmas, my sissy and I went clearance shopping at Target and I got all of Merritt's and McCoy's stocking and elf bucket happys for next Christmas bought for practically nothing! So exciting!! (does this make me crazy?!?) It's nice to know I wont have to worry about it once it gets cold and gross in November and I have two babes to cart around! I even have all of Merritt's Easter basket goodies already taken care of from buying ahead of time, the only thing I have to get is some Pez, since that his his new fave! Ok, I don't know how I got off on that subject, but I better get to cleaning up this house before my fam arrives!

Hope everyone is enjoying their March! 

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  1. I enjoy reading and seeing your holiday things you do.You have inspired me to do more of this kind of fun with my kids and they love it! Enjoy your family and have fun!