Potty Time!!

I know I told yall we were going to try to get Merritt potty trained before the baby was born, but I gave up on that months ago. He showed ZERO interest in it and was terrified of the big potty and could care less about his little potty. Cut to today...he was making his usual "I am pooping" face, The Farmer asked him if he wanted to go sit on the potty. The answer to that question is usually a resounding NOOOO!!! But today he said yes!! The Farmer got his potty out and put him on it, I told him if he teetee'd or pooped he would get a very fun prize!! He sat there a bit and played with the fun flush handle, we thought he was just being silly and there was no way he was really gonna do this, then all of a sudden the potty started singing that he did it!! And the potty was right!! He teetee'd and we had a potty party!! He was so proud of himself and was super excited about the Mac truck prize he got!! Not sure if this is the real deal, but we will continue to encourage and see where it goes! Stay tuned :)

I got his prize jar all ready and put it in the bathroom! The little cars fit in the Mac truck he got today...he kept asking for cars to put in it, so maybe he will earn one when he wakes up from his nap!

The little balls are Toy Story and Cars Squinkies! I have no clue what you are supposed to do with them, but they are tiny little gummy like figures, just right for a potty prize!

playing with his Mac truck!

Found it at Dirt Cheap when I was home, all their toys were 90% off, so I grabbed it up along with some Squinkies and the little cars that go with the truck...I knew they would be perfect for potty training! So far so good :)

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