Baby Chicks and Farm fun!

We went to Bomgaars yesterday to see the baby chicks! Merritt loved them just as much as he did last year! It was so hard not to bring one home with us ;) After the chicks, we went to eat at Culvers, then the girls got pedicures! Soo fun!

Today was so nice, we decided to play outside! Cade took us on a "bota" ride and the kids had tons of fun in playing in the snow!!




pulled August Ann down with him!!

tomorrow we are going to Sioux Falls for the day to see the fish and butterflies at Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove, and find some other fun to get into! Love having my family here!! Wish they didn't have to leave Tuesday, but they will be back soon enough when baby McCoy arrives!! :)

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