Sunday Funday!

The Farmer and I had Bible Study this afternoon, so The Farmer's sister and her hubby came over to watch Merritt for us. They have a new baby, sweet little 3 month old, Lydia, who he had fun "playing" with! At one point they were both in diapers and I couldn't resist snapping these pics, Merritt just laid there beside her until it was time for supper. I hope he is that nice to his little brother!! :)

"Hi Wydia"

Silly boy!  And that is The Farmer's foot, not mine!!!  :)

sweet cousins!

Then before bedtime, we tried the potty one more time and guess what?!?! He went again!! Woohoo!! What a big boy! And of course he got a prize, he picked the Lightning McQueen car to go in his truck!

soo excited!!

umm how cute is this little car!! I think they might be like the old Micro they still make those? Can't wait for him to fill his whole truck up with cars and for him to be diaper free...trying not to get my hopes up, but it is exciting! :)


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