Afternoon Fun!

When Merritt woke up from his nap, we made King Cake Bars ( to have for dessert tonight...they smell soo good!

Then we made Mardi Gras mask out of paper plates, finger paint and feathers! This was very messy and very fun! :)

which one is Mommy's and which one is Merritt's??

"I can see you!!"

We used Crayola washable finger paint and thankfully it does what it says!! A quick rinse in the sink and his shirt was paint free...just used baby wipes to clean up the rest of him!

I have got to get my good camera out, I just keep grabbing my little point and shoot because it's so quick and handy but the quality is really lacking..sorry!

I'm off to start supper...Dirty Rice, fried okra, salad, and french bread..yummo and Happy Mardi Gras!!  :)


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