The Fam is Here!!

They made it around 9 on Friday night and we let Merritt stay up to greet them...needless to say it was not easy to finally get him to bed!! When he woke up the next morning he got to go through all the Mardi Gras loot that his cousins brought him!  Soo fun!

got a new gun from Whop!

After that, Whoop decided to put Merritt's jumpy horse together, they sent it to him for his birthday and we just hadn't gotten around to putting it together...after three hours and everyone pitching in, it finally got done!! and he LOVES it!
Merritt and The Farmer helping...

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Merritt and Cade helping....

JayJay helping....

had to give it a try before the head was even on!

after all the hard work to put it together he couldn't wait to ride! So fun!

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