Success..well almost!

He only cried for about 10 minutes, then was out like a light! 

and slept all night without a peep!! Woohoo! I had set my alarm for 7:30am because that's when he usually wakes up. I thought he would be up trashing his room, so I figured I would go on ahead and get him/let him out. When my alarm went off, I laid in bed for a couple of minutes, then heard him yelling "loader, loader" I just thought he could hear all the chores going on outside and was talking about it in his bed. So I get up to get him, and he his not in his bed, and not even in his room! I run to the playroom thinking he is playing with his loader...nope! Then I stand still and try to see where his voice is coming from...the GARAGE!!! 

I kid you not, this child was standing in the garage at the door happily watching chores!!! I freaked out, naturally, and made him cry, he kept sobbing "swry Mommy!" First of all I didn't even think he could get his bedroom door open and he was in the garage!! I knew he could open the door to the garage because he often has to do it for me when my hands are full! But he has never opened it without me there, much less gone into the garage without me or The Farmer. I guess all the noises on the farm in the morning were just too much for this curious cat, he had to see what was going on! That was the main point of putting the blinds on the windows, because the windows in his room look out over the farm...maybe that was a bad idea?!?! The nursery is on the other side of the house, so I don't think he could hear as much in the morning and he was trapped in the crib, so that helped! The door to my bedroom was even wide open and he knows I sleep in there, so I guess he thought I was outside too??  AND who knows how long he had been out there, thank goodness he has no clue how to open the door to get outside or The Farmer would have had some extra help this morning!!! Needless to say, we will be getting some safety handles today, so he will not be able to get out of his room anymore! The toddler years are going to be the death of me!! :)

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  1. We had this problem too with our toddler, I ended up putting a safety gate in the the doorway to his room because I wanted to keep his door open so I could hear him. The gate kept him in his room when he woke up either during the night or early in the morning. And I could just easily step over it when needed.