Boo House!

This morning during Coy's nap, we decided to build our Boo House! It was tons of fun! There were some pieces that had sparkles on them, and when it got on his hands he said "look Mommy, pixie dust!" I'm sure The Farmer will be real impressed about him thinking that! haha! Maybe we have been watching the Tinkerbell Pirate Movie on Netflix too is about pirates, afterall! I can't help that there are fairies in the movie too :)  As a Mommy of boys, I only get so many opportunities for girly stuff, so I'll take what I can get!! :)

there were some bones on the front of the house, so he had to get his Paw Patrols out, so they could eat the bones! ha!

We put our new window clings up in the playroom this morning too! One of them was a witch, when he asked what it was, I said it was a witch and he said "Nope, It's my guuullfriend!"  HAHA! Maybe one day buddy, but hopefully you only date sweet girls! :)

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