Ghost Cookies!

Merritt saw The Farmer leave this morning on the tractor, to go bale bean straw/corn stalks, and got soo upset that he couldn't go too...i'm talking puppy dog tears! Bless his heart! So I came to the rescue and said we could make cookies, he decided that would be ok, whew! :) We made ghost cookies, Nutterbutters dipped in white chocolate! We made them last year and he LOVED them, but this time he didn't want to eat them once they were dipped...I'm sure once he sees The Farmer eating them, he will will join right in :)

we tried something new today and put some clothes on!! ;)

giving the ghosts some eyes!

tapping his foot to the beat of the music! I had Pandora Disney radio on and as we were making cookies, while belting out the lyrics to "Let It Go," I wondered if life could ever get better than this!! :) 


we got bored with just the eyes and went wild!!

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