More Halloween Happiness!!

Merritt's new favorite person is the mail man!! ha! Anytime the door bell rings in the morning Merritt drops everything and runs to the door to greet him and get "his" package! We have had a few meltdowns when the box wasn't for him, but today it was!! A Halloween Happy from his Aunt JayJay...and his cousins!

get this bubble wrap out of my way!! 

pretty excited!!

"Doctor!!!" Ever since we all had cold/fevers a few weeks ago he has been really into giving us medicine and checking our hearts and temps! Now he can be a professional!! hehe! 

paging Dr. Merritt!

a couple Sunday's ago we were skype-ing and JJ asked him what he wanted for Halloween, he said COOKIES!! Then wanted to know where his cookies from JJ were the rest of the day! She came through today with lots of cookies!

and lots of other Halloween treats! Now he doesn't have to use chips for his pirate eye patches!! ha!

August Ann is still loving clay and made this cute little ghost! Love it!! She is so talented!

Only JJ would find a Lone Ranger Dog! In Merritt's world ANYTHING with a mask is the Lone Ranger! After he opened everything and was playing, I grabbed their cards and was taking them to file in their memory boxes and Merritt FREAKED out and wanted his card form JJ back!! "It my Lone Ranger Dog!!" Oh my, it may have to stay on the fridge all year!! ha!

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