Pumpkin Patch Train Ride!

Today I took Merritt to Prairie Village in Madison, SD for a very fun Pumpkin Train ride (http://www.prairievillage.org/pumpkin-train/)! Grandma kept McCoy (good thing because it was SOOO cold!) and we had the best Mommy/Merritt day! It was so funny because all day he kept asking about McCoy, then when it was time to go home and get him, he was like "nah, he stays with Grandma!" hehe :)

waiting on the train!!

pretty excited!!

this boy loves trains!

we sang Halloween Songs and banged on the tables during the ride!

The train took us to a pumpkin patch and let us all off, then after we picked out our pumpkin we got back on and finished the ride!

I want this one!!


he had to have cookies, and Mommy needed hot chocolate! Perfect day with my little man!


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