Halloween S'mores!

After naps today, we decided to make these yummy Halloween S'mores! I used this recipe http://homeiswheretheboatis.net/2011/10/27/ghostly-peeps-fun/ ..it was super easy and super yummy!

My little helper wanted some chocolate chips in a bowl, so I told him to get a few out of the bag...I turn to look and he had dumped out the whole bag of MINI chocolate chips!! Mommy fail!! 

trying to help pick them up...I just had to laugh!

probably should have taken a pic of the floor too!! 

I couldn't find Peeps at The Walmart, but our local grocery store had these!! so cute!!

Giant Pumpkin Marshmallows! They were vanilla flavor...I don't like fruit flavored marshmallows!

Pot Holder Man! ha!

you really do have to watch these..I only left them under the broiler a few seconds!

soo good!  

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