Visit With Friends!!

It's been way too long since we visited some of our friends in South Dakota, and since one of them just had a baby, we decided to take a road trip on Sunday and see everybody!! First we stopped at Lacey and Jared's, they have a precious little girl who is just a week younger than Merritt and now a little sweet little boy who will be five months younger than McCoy! Lacey and I often meet up in Sioux Falls for "play dates" but it has been a long time, so it was good to see them! The Farmer and Jared were roommates in college and Lacey is from Montana and was interning for the Beef Council when I worked there, so we all know each other from before we got married! So fun! :)

how cute are these two?!?!

checking out all of Paisley's toys!

McCoy and Cooper! Coy looks soo huge compared to him!

After that visit, we headed to see Matt and Kristy and their two boys..and their big new house, her huge pantry would make you least it made me drool! hehe!! Matt and The Farmer were on the livestock judging team together at South Dakota State and were very good friends...we don't get to see them nearly enough! Merritt had tons of fun with their boys and all their farm toys!
of course I had to get a picture of all the boys!

SDSU Livestock Judging Team circa 2030! They will have to get better at posing for team pics!! :)

We had a quick supper with them, then hit the road...after the three hours of driving home, we were all pooped...and are still pooped today! McCoy is sleeping, and I think Merritt and I are going to curl up on the couch and read Halloween books! :)  Happy Monday!


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