Back Seat Busy Bags!

Well I guess they are more like hanging organizers than bags, but you get the idea! I have had these since Merritt was a baby...I saw this Pinterest post (link) and then found the organizers on clearance at Walmart! I grabbed up two of the blue ones! Not sure if you can still get them, but this is what they look like...the carabiners don't come with them though!

I usually just do a big bag full of stuff for them to do, but I thought this might be more fun and functional! My niece will be going on the road trip with us (yea!!), so that will be one less bag on floor that she will have to trip over! It also means that she can help them get things out of their organizers and help do activities!! 

I got them both a new dvd holder...I had just been taking one, but it never has enough room and it always ends up taking FOREVER for one boy to choose what to watch before the other one gets their turn to choose (the car is usually stopped when we change dvds and we are always in a hurry to get back on the road, so the never ending dvd choosing gets annoying!! ha!) So now before we leave, I will sit down with them and we will fill their own dvd holder up with whatever they want to bring!

This is McCoy's organizer: 
He got a Melissa and Doug Magicolor (it's like Crayloa Color Wonder), a cowboy Magic Pen book, a Paw Patrol ImagineInk (Can you tell we love anything that can't ruin the vehicle!), I also got him lots of stickers and a blank sticker book, and I threw in some books too...little man loves his books!

This is Merritt's organizer:
He got a cowboy sticker book, some letter and number work books, a Minion Imagine Ink, two Leap Pad games, Melissa and Doug Magicolor, a pouch with color pencils, some High Five Magazines, a sketch pad and pen (he loves to doodle/scribble/draw), some stickers, and a create-a-face monster sticker pad (McCoy got one of these too, but it's outer space version, my boys LOVE these create-a-face things! So handy to stick in my purse too!!)

They both got a pair of sunnies!! They love their shades!!

also both got some hand wipes!

And both got these fun Road Trip Bingo games I found at the Target Dollar Spot (my toes not included! ha!)!!

I hope they think these are fun and keep them occupied! I'm not doing the surprise bags (post) this year, there is just not enough room! Most of these items are new and they haven't seen any of it yet, so hopefully they will think this is just as fun as the goody bags!!

I'm also putting a new Melissa and Doug Water Wow and some new Play Packs in their backpacks, so we will have those at restaurants and in the hotel (or in the car if they want them!)! Here's to a great road trip!! Can't wait!! :)


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