Zoo Day!

On Friday, we headed to the zoo! We ended up getting a membership last time we were there, so I'm sure there will be lots more trips this summer!! They had such a great time with cousin Lydia!! :)

We had a picnic at the zoo park, but since there were TONS of field trip kids playing on the playground, we decided not to brave that circus...Merritt asked if we could go to the "orange park" on the way home instead and I agreed...secretly thinking he would be asleep....no such luck!! HAHA!!

They had lots of fun at playing..we had never been to that one before, but always pass it on our way to Sioux Falls. I'm sure there will be lots more stops there too!

When we got home, after playing outside awhile, Merritt said this would be the best day ever if we could go swimming too...so I put them in the tub and declared it the BEST DAY EVER!! hehe :)

And just in case you were interested, this is what 6 AM looks like at our house EVERY MORNING!!! Ohh how I miss you, 8:00 AM wake up call!! :)


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