This and That!

We are in go mode over here today! I have the boys all I just have to get myself packed which is the worst! I have lots of stuff laid out, so hopefully it wont take me that long!

Just had to share some pics, because that is how I procrastinate! Don't judge! ha!

This sleeping baby makes my life!

 I took the boys to get haircuts yesterday and then we decided to have a fun lunch at Mickey D's!!

McCoy insisted on sitting with Merritt in the booth...blah! Quit growing up!

Angry Birds!

We had to run to the grocery store for milk and road trip snacks and 
of course had to get the race car buggy!!

I was cleaning up Merritt's scrap paper on the table and found quite a few papers with his name!! 
So proud of him!! :) there anything cuter?!?!  :)


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