What's Up Wednesday!

Sorry! This was scheduled to post on Wednesday! Beach pics coming soon!!

What we are eating this week?We are actually at the beach this week, so we are eating lots of YUMMY seafood!! 

What we've been up to? Zoo, McCoy's BirthdayChildren's Museum, Preschool End of Year Program, Kindermusik Celebration, Road Tripping, and now the Beach!!

What I'm reminiscing about? It's May, so that means lots of reminiscing about McCoy and him being a teeny tiny babe! He was such an angel, I know it was so tough in the moment, but I miss those sweet snugly baby days so much!! Is it bad that I regularly hold my big boys in my arms, sway them, and say please be Momma's baby?!?! They rarely comply! HA!
Quick! Somebody remind me of the never ending bottles, no sleep, crying, spit up on everything, and nasty diapers, so I can get through the day!! hehe :)

What I'm loving? 

-Sea Salt Spray: Loving this Beach Babe Spray for fabulous (EASY!) beach hair!

-Chocolate Graham Crackers: A Momma in my MOPS group brought these to one of our park picnics and they have been a fave ever since! We all love them :)

-Tan Wipes: This has been my go-to tanning product for at least five years! Love how easy it is and really love the shade it turns my pasty white skin! ha! :)

-Natural Glow Lotion: I have loved this one for way more than five years...so easy to just apply every day and watch your tan develop! I should really use this all year round, but find myself really gravitating towards it in the spring and summer! This southern girl LOVES being (fake!) tan! :)

What I'm Dreading? Can't think of one thing that I am dreading...relaxing on the beach makes your brain too happy to dread anything! ha!

What I'm excited about? We have lots of fun things coming up while we are here! WICKED, horse shows, a trip to New Orleans, and a trip to Ft. Worth for a big surprise for the boys! Stay tuned! Also super excited for Merritt's first horse show once we are back in Iowa!! 
I mean, how cute is my little cowboy?!?!

What I'm watching/reading? enjoying some random beach reads and re-watching all the seasons of Downton Abbey with my Momma and Sissy!

What I'm listening to? The Waves!! :)

What I'm Wearing?
This is all stuff I wore before coming to the South...there will be no cardigans down here! ha! 
-Love the Stella and Dot necklace in the first pic! Got it for Valentines Day last year, so gorgeous! 
-Love this neutral cardigan/poncho I found at Old Navy, so comfy! 
-"Momm'a Gonna SNAP!!" Ha, so true on most days and also I love photography..perfect shirt for me! 
-ADORE this mint and pink necklace! I found it while we were at the Black Hills Stock Show, such a fun piece! 
-My Momma got me the necklace (in the last pic) for Mothers Day, it's soo pretty! I am really loving the tassel look! Fun!

What I'm Doing this weekend? I have no idea! Probably just hanging out with my fam...in the air conditioning! ha! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month? WICKED! Yall I just can't wait!!! And it makes it even more exciting that I get to take my niece!! My sis-in-law is also coming and we are going to go out for a fun dinner! Girl's Night!! :)

What else is new? We have a two year old in the house, and there is not doubt about it! ha! He is such a mess and certainly makes our lives more interesting!! How are my babies two and four!?! Time slow down!!


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