McCoy Everett is Two!!

Well, he will be two in three days!! :)

I just can't even believe I am typing this!! The past two years have flown by and my baby has turned into a big boy right before my eyes!!

We went to his two year checkup today and he weighed 31 pounds and was around 33 inches! 

He wears 18-24 months or 2T clothes and is in size 5 diapers...maybe we will be done with those soon? He is very interested in the potty and being like big brother, but I'm not quite ready for him to be that big yet!! Maybe later this summer?

He is talking up a storm and putting words together/making short sentences. I just adore his sweet little voice and find it super hard to say no, when he says "pweese Ma-Ma!"  He follows direction very well, like find your coat, throw away your trash, bring your plate to the sink...he can be such a big helper when he wants to be! His favorites to say are "Huwee Up," "No Mam- Jose'," "Wellll, Wellll, Wellllll," and "No, I Dit (Didn't),"  Also if you ask him why he did something, his response is usually "buhh-cuzzzz!"

He loves play-doh, The Lone Ranger, tractors/farming, wearing his hat/being a cowboy, and The Wizard of Oz! He also really likes to help Mommy cook and bake and loves to eat what we make! He loves going to Kindermusik and sometimes likes to go to Moppets!! His favorite foods are pizza, cheese, hotdogs, teddy grahams, bananas, and milk!

His faves to play with are; tractors, cowboy guns, trains, pirates, and any ride-on toy that his brother will let him get his hands on, but he would probably rather read a book than anything else! He also likes to "cook" in his play kitchen and bring you food..and stand and wait until he sees you eat his meal! ha!

His books of choice are anything by Eric Carle and anything with real pictures in it, we love the DK tabbed board books! He also really likes Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site! His favorite tv shows are; Team UmiZoomi, Elmo, Dora, Lone Ranger cartoon, Bubble Guppies, Mike The Knight, and Blues Clues. Fave Movies are; The Legends of Oz, Elmo in Grouchland, Wild West Elmo, and The Polar Express!

He is doing so much better in his big boy bed and sleeps the whole night (usually from 8:00 to 6:30)! Woohoo!! His naps aren't that great, but we'll take what we can get! He is also completely pacifier free!! Back before Christmas the pacifier part on his Wubby broke and he just really didn't care..he still has to have the stuffed animal part of the Wubby to sleep, but we can handle that! 

We just LOVE our silly little "Toot," he makes our little family complete and we don't know what we would do without him!! 

And if I had to sum up his personalty with a picture, this would be it!! hehe!! 
Such a little mess! :)


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