10 on 10!!

Decide to try something new today and participate in the 10 on 10! 
You take ten pictures of your day on the 10th of every month!! Here goes...

A little morning ride on his new horse before we take big brother to school!

Time for school!

Tuesday is usually errands day! Fill er up!

This little cutie loves to watch the Legends Of Oz on errands day! 

Dry Cleaning drop off!! The Farmer is going on a nine day conference and 
Merritt needed his show clothes starched...it made for a big basket!!

We got plants!! Tomatoes, Peppers, and one lonely basil! Can't wait!

When I picked Merritt up, he gave me my Mother's Day gift!
A heart key chain with his fingerprint!! LOVE!

I have been trying hard to get a video workout done every day for the past couple of weeks, When The Farmer is in for lunch, I will run downstairs and do it while he watches the boys, but he hasn't been in for lunch lately, so I make the boys a picnic and they eat, play, and cheer me on! haha!

Then I folded a million loads of laundry! 

McCoy got his present from JayJay, Pauggie, and Cade-o in the mail, so we skyped while he opened it!! Soo Fun!! He loved it all!! :)

Hope you had a great 10th!!

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