Tulip Festival!!

Like I said in a previous post, for some reason or another, we had never taken Merritt to the Tulip Festival, so this was both the boys first experience! And they both LOVED it! Soo much fun! 

I took the mandatory pictures in the wooden shoe and with the tulips, we watched the fabulous parade, ate yummy/unhealthy food, and even rode a few rides!! Perfect evening for my little (half) Dutch boys ;)

When we got to this area of the Festival, a band started playing that song "Happy" ...you know the fun upbeat one that's on the Despicable Me movie?!?! Anyway! McCoy went crazy! His mouth was wide open and he was a dancing fool in most of the pics I took! It was soo stinkin cute, I should have gotten video of it!

I just love all the tulips, they are so gorgeous! I wish I could have taken more pics of the other colors, but Merritt saw a fire truck and had to go see it! Immediately!

We happened to see my friend taking pics of her kids in the tulips, so she snapped a pic of us too! Thanks Manda! :)

Yall...This is a pumpkin spice funnel cake...just let that sink in...pumpkin. spice. funnel. cake. Be still my heart!! :)

Might be the best cheese balls I have ever had!! MMMmmm!!

They were soo excited for the parade! Both boys really loved the whole thing! So fun!

The Dutchmen marching band!! 

love that they wear wooden shoes!

The Tulip Festival Queen and her court!

Pretty excited about the tiger mascot!

totally thrilled about this train!!

"Momma! It's a car shoe!!"

Curious George!

Then he got to pick two rides to go on!
He drove this motorcycle like it was his job! hehe! So serious!

Then he decided he wanted to go down the big slide...and I'm pretty sure The Farmer was more excited than Merritt was! hehe!

going down!

that face though...


I know the pics look like he was terrified, and he probably was, but he really did LOVE it and talked about it all the way home! Such fun memories!!

some fun during the parade!

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