Merritt's Kindermusik Celebration!

This morning Merritt had his big Kindermusik celebration! He woke up in a not-so-great mood, so I was expecting a disaster! He didn't participate as much a usual, but for the most part had fun! Check out the pics and videos! :)

This child loves a flashlight!!

McCoy got to join in during instrument time!

Grandma came to watch him too!!

He loves to play this wooden thing...I have no idea what's it called, but it's one of his faves!

Dino hunt!

parachute time!

ribbon fun!

He was so excited to show Mrs. Heidi his book! 

He had to tell her how he put the "muitar" (guitar) stickers on the page!

McCoy escaped to the rug!

Soo many stickers!

My little fam! I look like I am photo bombing this pic! Opps! ha!



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