Children's Museum!

We headed to South Dakota this morning and after a few stops for me, we finally made it to the Children's Museum! It is soo fab, both the boys had a fantastic time!! We ended up meeting some friends there too, so that was a great treat as well! 

After closing down the museum, we went over to the graduation party that we were in town for! The Farmer's former boss from college (they were like family to him) had a son graduating high school, so we celebrated his big day, then made our way back home! What a fabulous Sunday with my boys!!

Merritt was most excited about fixing the car! We looked at pics online yesterday and he couldn't wait to lay down under it!!

He had the best time playing in the water! 

Soaking wet!! And of course I left his backpack with a change of clothes in the car!! Ughh!

Thank goodness the fun shapes made him forget about being all wet and he quickly dried out! :)

Giant Light Brite!

Met up with Paisley and her fam :) 


Hello?!?! When can I get out of this stroller?!?!  :)

Yall know how much this child loves sand! We had to drag him away! :)

Sand fun with Paisley!

Picking flowers for Mommy! Finally something Coy could do too!

This babe melts my heart!!

Time to go farming!!

You harvest all the produce, then attached it to the conveyor belt and it brings it to the grocery store! It falls down and gets sorted into bins and put on the shelves! Soo cool! We didn't notice this last year when we were here, probably because he refused to go in the grocery store!!

Just doing a little shopping!

He noticed the popcorn and said "Oh Mommy I get popcorn for you!" He is a boy after my own heart!! hehe!!

He had to have this "big hot dog!"

checking out!

He knew right where to slide the plastic!! hehe!!

This little monkey having a blast...precious Cooper in the background has gotten so big!!
Wasn't it just yesterday we went to meet him after he was born??

Crazy Town!

He climbed to the very top of the clouds...several times! He played on this thing at least 30 minutes! So fun!

Time to build!

Loved the T-rex! Of course it was pouring rain when we were leaving to go outside to see it!

playing so hard!!

McCoy loved this play area!

The Farmer showing off his skills!! :)

He loved the piglets!

They didn't have Christmas ornaments or key chains, so we made a souvenir penny to hang on our travel tree!!

pretty excited..and sweaty!! :)

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