Sunday, April 13, 2014

Children's Museum of South Dakota!

The Farmer came in from chores this morning and asked if the museum in Brookings was open on Sundays...I said I thought it was and he asked if we wanted to go! I wondered what the catch was...this is the town where he went to college (SDSU...go Jacks!), so I thought maybe he had an ulterior motive! He promised there was nothing he had to do and thought it would be fun to do something with just Merritt before the baby comes. So we jumped at the chance and headed out after church for a very fun day!!

playing with the gears!

this little mechanic area was so cute!

changing the tire

this water area was his FAVE! He could have stayed there all day!

gigantic Light Brite!!


fun on the farm!

little piggies!


hey ya hey ya!

hi Mommy!

picking pumpkins!

running through the corn!


the grocery store...for some reason he was terrified of the little buggies they had...he has one that he pushes all over the house, so I have no clue what that was about?!?!

The Farmer wanted to check out the South Dakota AG Heritage Museum after we finished at the Children's Museum. It was pretty neat, and Merritt even liked it!

After the museums, we got some yogurt at Cherry Berry (my first time...amazing!!) and then grabbed supper at Applebees, so we could use a gift card I found in my wallet that we had gotten as a wedding gift!! HAHA!!! Maybe I should clean my wallet more often! We had such a fabulous day, such fun memories with my sweet boys! :)

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