Freezer Meals!!

I have had one very busy morning making freezer meals! But seeing the freezer full of casseroles makes it all worth it!! I started at 9:00 and finished up about noon and made 13 meals!! It's so much more convenient to do it all at once, then you just have one mess, one set of dishes to wash, one time to brown all the hamburger, and one time to boil the noodles. I have done this with The Farmer's Sister and Momma a couple of times (it is easier to do it with more people!!) but with the baby on the way, I wanted to really load up my stash! Now altogether I have 18 meals ready to go! Once McCoy arrives, the last thing on my mind will be cooking!

I will add the links to the recipe's I used...although I can't say whether they are good or not, since these are all new ones and we haven't tried them yet! They were all pretty easy to throw together though!

Cowboy Lasagna

Taco Casserole

Million Dollar Casserole

Chinese Hamburger

Tatertot Casserole

Pizza Casserole

Beefy Rice Casserole

I got The Farmer this morning (April Fools) by telling him my water broke...funny or cruel?!?! hehehe! He almost fell for it but then told me he had been waiting for me to call with some April Fools nonsense!! ha! Next year I will have to wait until later in the day to catch him off guard! :)


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  1. Good joke forApril!lol I'm planning on looking up those meals! I would love to make a lot like that at once!