A Little Easter Fun!!

We got a big package of Easter fun from Honey and Whoop this morning! They were almost too cute to open, but Merritt decided we should just go for it! ha!

How cute are these buckets/baskets..they will look so cute in their rooms! Should have got pics from different angles, there is a big truck, and a plane and a police car on them too!



let's get this thing opened Mommy!!

baby chick!

a cowboy hat!

all his goodies!!!

McCoy's goodies!!

Honey also sent a bag of Easter eggs that look like bugs and have smarties hidden inside! So after our afternoon walk, we had a mini hunt for them!!
After finding them all, he started shaking them and realized there was something inside!

He had me open a few to see what it was, he must have eaten too much of the other candy, because he wanted me to keep putting it back in the eggs! More fun for next time!

Bob, the kitty, wanted to help!

doesn't everybody hunt Easter eggs wearing rubber boots?!?!  ;)

then we broke out the bubbles!!


so much fun!! Thanks Honey and Whoop! We love you :)

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