This and That!

It's been a while since I shared phone pics! So here goes :)

This is from back in February! Merritt's first trip to the dentist!

He did great with the dentist, but didn't want anything to do with the assistant!

all done!


coloring Sheriff Callie pictures!

movie night! We finally got Frozen two days ago and have watched it at least 10 times! He loves it! 

Sweet baby! He sleeps so GREAT in his big boy bed! 

The Farmer has started planting, so things are a little different around here! Usually he puts Merritt down for naps and bedtime, and gives him his bath, well, now that he is gone, those are Mommies duties...bathtime has been fairly successful with the help of bubbles and all his sea animals!! We had kept them in his playroom, so he thinks it's super fun to play with them in the tub! Nap has not gone very well, but I'm proud to say I just put him down for the night and it only took me three books, two sets of prayers, one song and he was out! SCORE!! 

Seaworld in the tub!

He rode in the tractor for awhile tonight with the Farmer "helping" plant, I knew it was going to be a disaster when he had to come back inside....but thanks to a sucker and all these bubbles, crisis was averted!!

Nothing too fun going on around here lately, I am just getting SOOO excited for this babe to be born! One of my besties/roommate from college just had her baby yesterday (a precious baby girl! Can't wait to meet her when I go home this fall!) and she was due 10 days before me, so I told the Farmer that we only had to wait 10 more days!! haha!! Ohh if only it worked that way! But I guess you never know :)

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  1. Oh my! Merritt is looking more and more adorable by the day. I love the photos of him lying on top of his dad. They look so sweet together. Anyway, I'm glad his first trip to the dentist went great. He also looks like he's considerably enjoying his time in the bath. Thank you for sharing that slice of your life, Hayley. All the best! :)

    Sharon Warner @ Smiles Of Arcadia