Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

This morning we made a fluffy white rabbit! The glue was his favorite!

we could only find one pink pipe cleaner!!

bunny kisses!

Hi bunny!

We had wonderful afternoon weather again, so we headed back outside and did some coloring with Easter egg sidewalk chalk and played in our new sandbox!

the kitties thought they needed to help with the chalk!

The Farmer got us some sand and he played for at least an hour, filling up buckets, digging, and dumping!

What a fun afternoon, I just adore this weather!! 
In other news, while my dirty little farm boy was in the tub tonight, I was reading up on my pregnancy and realized I only have two more weeks until I'm considered full term!! YIKES!!! I need to pack my hospital bag, but that's about it, everything else is ready! I go to the doc on Monday, then the 28th I start going every week! I am feeling ok, tired, mostly because I have to get up to teetee 38 times a night!! back hurts on and off and I don't get anywhere very fast, but other than that nothing major! I can't wait to snuggle this babe and give him a million kisses but am pretty nervous about having two kids and how Merritt will react! In general he really likes babies, but those babies always go home, this one will be here forever!! I can only pray that McCoy will be as easy as Merritt was as a baby! Is that even possible?!?! hehe!! I guess time will tell! :)

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