Mike The Knight!

We have a new obsession over here! Mike The Knight! We recently noticed it available for free streaming on Amazon Prime, so we gave it a whirl, and of course he LOVED it!! A little boy with a horse and a sword...what's not to love?!?! :) Anyway, when we were shopping at Walmart last week, we decided to check out the toy isles. I happened to notice an Evie figure set (Mike's little sister) out of the corner of my eye AND it was on clearance! I showed it to Merritt and he said cool, but he didn't want a girl! Boo! Then, as I was putting her back, I saw Mike!! He freaked out and have to have him! Then I said I had to have Evie too! Hehe! We scanned them, and even though the stickers were marked $4.50, we got them for $1.00 each! SCORE!! The show is not airing new episodes anymore, and I saw a ton of the toys on clearance last summer (he didn't like it then! Of course!) so I never figured I would find any of merchandise now! We were very excited!! Now I am on the hunt for more pieces! Yall know I love a good "treasure" hunt!

Here's our little knight on his castle!

And no post is complete without this little nut! :)


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