McCoy's Gift!

I have been meaning to make McCoy a little bag for Church (Merritt uses his for Church, but they can be for anything!) since I found out he was a boy! One of my Momma's friends made Merritt's as a shower gift (love it!) and I figured I could just make Coy's since I know how to sew now! 

I bought the bag and it has been sitting on my sewing table ever since! I just couldn't figure out how to sew the fabric on the bag without having to cut the bag! 

Well this morning I was so productive (vacummed/dusted/washed clothes/cleaned Merritt's room!) I decided that during naptime I was going to keep it up and get that bag DONE too! I really wanted to give it to him on his actual birthday, filled with his color roll that I made awhile ago, a dvd, and a book! 

I'm very proud to announce that it is finished and it wasn't even that hard! Just time consuming, it didn't help that I broke three needles while I was embroidering his name! Uggh! It is a little different than Merritt's but I didn't want them to be exactly the same {gasp} I's a first! hehe!! 

He will get this, and some summer/pool toys (for both boys) on his actual b-day, then for his party I have him some V-tech Go Go Smart Wheels stuff! Can't wait! :)

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