Summer Decor!

In addition to the flag wreath, I got a few more Americana things up for summer! Probably just leave it all up until Labor Day! 

Love to decorate this window!  
Stars and burlap flag garland from Target Dollar Spot! Soo cute!

thought my kitchen window needed a little summer happiness too!

Soo excited about these new placemats for the boys (from Target)!! I love to change out their placemats for every holiday, but didn't really have anything for summer, so we were using some super cute ones with pigs on them..sadly, I wiped Merritt's down with a Clorox wipe and it kinda ruined it..then he started picking at it and made a big mess, so they had to go! He is on a huge camping kick (planning to camp out/sleep in a tent after our mandatory bonfire while we are in MS!), so these were perfect! 

Hope yall are having a great Memorial Day! The Farmer and Merritt went to our Church's Pancake Breakfast this morning, while I stayed home with sleepyhead McCoy, who didn't wake up until after 10!! Yesterday must have worn him out! We skyped with my fam for awhile before lunch, and now it's time for a family nap!! :)

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