Last night the Farmer's Momma treated us to see Mary Poppins! It's Tulip Festival time and every year they put on a big musical in conjunction with the festival! It was SOO fabulous! A couple of years ago we saw their performance of My Fair Lady and it was great too! Fun to be able to go to a good show so close to home! 

Merritt has never been to the Tulip Festival before (not really sure why?, we always went every year before he was born!), so we are planning on hitting the parade tomorrow! Stay tuned! :)

I may be a photographer, but the selfie eludes me! :)

They presented the Tulip Festival Queen and her court before the show started! 

This morning I had my last MOPS meeting! We got to reveal our secret sisters, so that was fun! 
I am going to be a discussion group leader next year, so that's exciting too! 

My sweet SS gave me a fun summertime foaming hand soap! Merritt (and I) love this stuff! 

McCoy's b-day gift from Honey and Whoop arrived today...he loves the box!!

I was sitting at the table and happened to look over at the calendar and noticed this!! Uggh clearly chalkboards need spell check! ha!!   :)

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