Yesterday was the perfect day!! Beautiful weather with great friends!! :) We met early at one park, then after playing until almost lunchtime, we headed over to the Burger Barn, got lunch and had a picnic at the splash pad park! Of course we put all the suits and sunscreen on, only to realize that it wasn't working yet!! boo! The kids still had tons of fun though!

No water?!?! Boo!

We can still play? Yea!!

Relaxing with Cohen!

After going home for naps, we decided to head outside and make a splash pad of our own!!

McCoy kept wanting to get in the pool, but then freaked out because it was too cold! So we spent a good hour, getting in, then getting right back out! ha!

Then they went straight from the pool to the sandbox! EEEWWW!

Messy little boys! But I love them :)

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