McCoy Everett- 12 months!

Twelve months...One whole year! 

I'm guessing he is still around 22 pounds, but I will update with his official stats after his checkup next Friday! Updated to add: at his one year check he weighed 24.9 pounds and was 30 inches long!

He is walking, but not walking everywhere, most of the time he tries to go too fast, gets ahead of himself, and falls...but I guess that's why they call them toddlers! :)

He is done with bottles and loves having breakfast with me and Merritt! So far he has had cinnamon rolls, biscuits, and bananas with dry Honey Comb cereal! All with a sippy full of milk of course!

He is wearing 12-18 month clothes, and size 4 diapers.

He continues to say mamama, dadada, bababa and can sign for more, all done, clap, and wave bye bye, and moves side to side when you ask him to dance! He can now also say hi and something that sounds like bye, bye while waving! His new fave is putting both hands on his checks when we say oh my!! He also likes to put one hand up to his ear like hes talking on the phone and says haaaaa for hello :)

He is really into reading books lately and loves the farm ones with cows!! We have to go to the kitchen window at least a hundred times a day to see the cows!!

He now has seven teeth! Four on the bottom and three on the top!

His interests include sitting in his big boy chair, riding all of Merritt's ride on toys, rocking on his bull, dancing, climbing, throwing his food, wanting to do anything Merritt is doing, and just being the star of the show!! Our little ham :)  He also loves to watch the baby animal/baby genius video on Netflix!

He still takes a morning nap, he was going down at 9:30 and napping until around 11:30 (sometimes less, sometimes more!) but the last couple of day he hasn't even woken up until 8:30/9:00 so naptime has been pushed back a little! Not sure why he has decided to sleep in? He still goes to bed at the same time 7:00/7:30, so we'll see if it's just a phase! I'm sure he will be up at the crack of dawn every day while we are in MS! He also takes an afternoon nap, usually from 1:30ish to 4, the same time as Merritt! Glorious!! :)

He still LOVES his wubby, but mostly just has him while he is in his crib or in the car...or if he is super cranky and Mommy can't handle it! hehe!

Your first year was so much fun little buddy!! We can't wait to see what the next years bring!! You are such a precious blessing to us! We love you to the moon and back sweet Coyboy!! :)

"I'm one!"


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