This and That!!

Soo I have waited long enough for the Branson update! My sis still hasn't sent me the pics I want (2nd warning!! haha) but oh well!! Here is the one we took while at Silver Dollar City! No, we aren't one of those families who dress all in the same color to keep track of each other, it was St. Patricks day and we didn't want to get pinched!!! I loved Silver Dollar City, so much to see and do!! On Friday, the kids and my sis and bro in law went back to SDC and my Momma and I went shopping!! There are a TON of outlets and antique/crafty shops in Branson..loved it!!! We had a ball! On Saturday we went to the Dixie Stampede...i think this may have been my favorite part! It was soo fun and the food was yummy! We rooted for the South (duh!) and the South won!! YEA!! Afterwards we played Adventure Island mini golf!! This was fun too and I didn't even loose my ball in the water :) On Sunday, we got up had a scrumptious breakfast and then all headed back home. Can't wait to go again!!

On Wednesday, the Farmer and I got a new niece! The Farmer's brother and his wife had a baby girl, Macy. She is soo tiny and cute! Here are some pics from when we went to meet her!

And I just have to tell yall about my latest fun find!! 2 new Dr. Seuss books! I scored "If I Ran The Zoo" and "The Lorax" for $4.95 a piece!! YEA!!

This is a great buy for the bigger Dr. Seuss books! You never know what you are gonna find at the pharmacy in our town!! :) Now my collection is up to 17 books...woohoo!

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