Pig pics...as promised :)

I know I still owe yall a Branson update but I'm waiting on my sis to send me some pics :) We did have a FABULOUS time though!!!

Sooo this afternoon I texted the Farmer and asked him to come pick me up so I could see the new pigs! He just happened to be headed to the hardware store, so he swung by and got me!

There was a little runt, so he grabbed him and brought him out to play! I named him Wilbur..soo cliché but it's all I could think of on such short notice!! The Farmer put him the back of the pick up (p.s. I call the pick up Shadow!! I don't really know why, but it makes me smile!) to run around, then he held him so I could get a close up, after that is was my turn to hold him for a bit! He pooped and tinkled on me and I only had a mini freak out...this must prove I adore piggies!! I figured this meant he loved me since he was comfortable enough to "let loose!" haha!! Why are there no pics of me holding it?? Well there are but I looked WRETCHED and am not willing to put them on the Internet! HA!

Next we had to go to the shop so the Farmer could fix some piece to a gate! He pulled me up a seat, so I knew it was gonna take awhile! Thank goodness I had my camera to entertain me! I thought these sparks were fun :)

The chop saw.....

And welding! I'm not sure this was safe, but he said as long as I was looking through my camera I would be fine...so far, so good!! :)

And I just couldn't resist snapping this shot of the pups! Luke the Farm Dog is on the left and our Dasher Dog is on the right...aren't they cute?!?!
Next "we" fixed the gate with the piece he was working on, then "we" pushed feed up for the cattle, then "we" plugged the tractors in because it's getting cold (yes, it is March but in Iowa it's still cold and better known as MUD than March!!!) After everything was finished up, we headed to town and got popcorn (my love!) and Diet Dr. Pepper (my other love!). I am just getting to be a regular little farmer! :)


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