I admit it..I am a control freak when it come to things being the way I think they should be! I have to have the pillows on the couch just right or it drives me insane! This picture (from Christmas) displays how I need the pillows to be...

It bugs me so much we rarely ever even use the couch...crazy, I'm aware!! Anyway, last night I was sitting in the Farmer's chair when he got home from chores and since he hates my chair and didn't feel like making me get out of his chair, he moved all the pillows and sat on the couch. I freaked out just a bit and said make sure you put the pillows back, so when i woke up this morning this is what I found...
Ughhhhh!!! It's like one of those "find the difference picture games!!" Ohh well at least he tried!! But come on, even the pillow with the cowboys is upside down! Bless his heart! haha!! (Oh and excuse the wretched camera phone pic!)


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  1. I understand completely!
    Pillows go a certain way on the bed. And I just corrected my daughter this morning to put her toothbrush in the holder straight UP not at an angle HELLO people do it my way and the world will be A.O.K.