Great find!!!

Soo as yall know I have been on the lookout for new lamps for the bedroom redo...well I found them!!! I stopped by Loopys (a glorified dollar store, that has super cute home decor too!) just to see what they had, and I found the cutest turquoise lamp...only $25!! But they just had one...uh-oh!! Well, they did some calling around and found one in another store (score!!) So I bought the one they had and the Farmer's Momma just happened to be around the other town and went by and picked up the other one!! PERFECT!! They really bring it all together! I love the room 100 percent more now!! Just need to get the curtains and bed skirt and a few more things to hang on the wall and it will be all done!! :)



  1. It's hard to make a room shine without the right lamps ! I know the Farmer must have been pleased.