Chores with the Farmer!!!

Sooo yesterday I decided to go out and do chores with the Farmer! I haven't been out to the farm in a while, so I thought I should check on things :) Plus I was super bored! hehe!! Soo I got all suited up (sweatshirt, hot pink pants, and polka dot rubber boots!) AND got the Farmer to promise an ice cream treat when we were done! Yea!

I decided to bring my camera along so I wouldn't have to get dirty or do anything too strenuous...that worked pretty well until he needed help getting a sick steer in. He handed me a sorting stick pointed out which one he needed and told me to just walk around behind them. Thank goodness for Luke the cowdog because I almost fell 3 times trying to accomplish this feat!! Luke brought them all around and of course I took all the credit!! hehe!!

After he doctored the steer, we stopped for a quick snap shot then headed over to check the other pens!!

But first I had to get some pics of my princess dog, Dashie!! She has a huge tongue, bless her heart!!

Then the Farmer decided to show me their skills! Except Dashie would rather love all up on him than follow directions!

Good job Dashie and Luke!! Even thought this lasted just long enough for me to get the shot! :)

These gals are ready to be sold! Soo fat and pretty...well, fat and muddy!! :)

Another pen...don't you just love how they are all staring at me?!?! :)
Then we got in the tractor and picked up some bales with the bale shredder and bedded cattle, this was fun!! Dashie got super jealous that I was in the tractor and she couldn't get in...hehe!! After that we checked the hog barn (I didn't go in because they are big and gross, but they will be getting littler ones in again soon, then I will take pics!) Then we went to see the baby lambs!! They are just too cute!!
I had to use flash because it was soo dark, which explains the alien eyes!! I hate flash!!

After a hard days (hour) work we went to get ice cream at Culvers (mint oreo in honor of St. Pats!!) Such a fun afternoon with the Farmer!! I leave on Wednesday to go to Branson to meet my fam for 4 days!! YEA!!! Sooo excited!! Lots to do before then!! Better get to it :)



  1. Wish I had one of those fat calves for the freezer. I guess I'll compromise & head to Baskin Robbins for some pistachio-almond for St Paddies

  2. Love all the pics of the cattle! Amazing job!