Moss Mardi Gras!!

We have not had our friends over for a gathering in FOREVER, so we decided a Mardi Gras Party was a must!! My Momma had brought me a ton of beads and decorations (more pics to come) when she was here in November, so I was just dying to use them!! I have also been wanting to make my Grandma's Pralines for a while, so I decided to take the plunge and make them as took close to 3 hours but they are AMAZING!!! I can remember helping make these when I was a kid, I was the official marshmallow counter!! My Grandma was the cutest little Cajun lady, she was a model when she was younger, and LOVED to take us shopping...well now we know where I get it from, ha! :) I actually have one of her fur coats that was made into a caplet, I hardly ever wear it because I never go anywhere that fancy!! I love to cook her recipes and know how proud she would be that I want to carry on Cajun traditions!

I also made my her Shrimp Jambalaya !! I was going to make her Gumbo but you need to use bowls for it and I had already picked out my Mardi Gras colored Fiesta plates! I made Red Beans and Rice too! We also had salad, french bread, and Cora got super festive and brought Louisiana Crab Dip and Cajun Meatballs...YUMMO!! And Kayla brought a hot wing dip!! sooo good!! We all definitely ate too much!! :)

Yummy Pralines!!

AND my Momma and Daddy sent us a King Cake from Haydel's Bakery in New Orleans!! I can not even tell you how delicious this is!! She used to send these to me when I worked in an office, so we could have a Mardi Gras treat!!

I even got to use my Fiesta tray that Lacie gave me!! It is the perfect fit!! LOVE IT!!

The gorgeous girls!! We had such a good time! Don't you love our beads!!??!!

Me and The Farmer!!
As I type, my fam is on St. Charles (my Brother lives in New Orleans) watching the parades!! Hope they catch some beads for me :)


  1. Super fun! Looks like a blast!

  2. I am drooling for one of those Pralines