Gumbo Goodness!!!

Soo when I was home in Mississippi, Momma and I made Gumbo! And when I say Momma and I, I really mean Momma! I just took the pics :)

Here's what ya need!

This is the cookbook that my Grandma (we called her Ma pronounced Maaawwww! I am named after her, so I know I was her favorite, ha! Her name was Maisie Ann, most people called her Mae...and just in case you didn't know my name is Hayley Mae!!) gave my has the most amazing Cajun recipes!

I thought this was really cool...My Grandma had written it for my Momma, you can always tell one of Ma's old recipe cards from her handwriting!

Is is bad if I just tell yall to get the recipe off this picture?!?!? Well I'm gonna do it anyway! We just didn't use the oysters :)

Here is the Roux!

Starting the Roux with oil...

Just had to show yall the glorious shrimp! You can use anything you want...sausage, chicken, crawfish...the list goes on!

stir in the flour...

more flour....

turn the heat down....

make sure its all incorporated... you pretty much have to stir the Roux the whole time!!

add the "Holy Trinity," Onion, Bell Pepper, and Celery!

mix it in the Roux...

more mixin'!

now add the garlic...

mix some more!

now add the water!

Cook for an hour! No, it's not a 30 minute meal ;)

add the shrimpies!

stir, stir, stir and let it cook some more! Then add your cajun spices and salt and pepper.

meanwhile cook some rice...

dish up some of the rice...

Then pour your mixture over the top!!

You have no idea how good this smells and tastes!!

add some french bread and you have the perfect Cajun meal! Gumbo always reminds me of my Ma, she usually made it when she came to visit (they lived in Monroe, Louisiana) and she always put ice cubes in mine to help cool it off :)


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  1. Looks so delicious! Love when you post your recipes!