Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A few more things...

that happened while I was home! We had our first baby colt of the year, and he was adorable!! My fam raises miniature horses, we have around 200-300 (who knows?!?!), the babies pretty much come all year round but it was fun to get to photograph the first one :) I may or may not have pestered this little guy so much that his momma ran off! Daddy had a mini freak out trying to get them back together and when he finally did, I belted out the lyrics to Reunited and it Feels so Gooooooooood!!!!! :)

Daddy and I also went to Vicksburg to tour the Civil War Battlefield an Museum! It was soo fun and I even got the Farmer a Southern Belle Magnet, this was of course after I realized that Iowans were Yankees!!! I honestly had no clue that Iowa was part of the Union Army (I know, you're wondering how I ever passed Mississippi/U.S. History?!?! - history was actually my favorite subject but obviously I blocked out this detail!) How will I ever forget the fact that I married a Yankee?!? I mean somebody could have mentioned it, hehehe!! Oh well the deed has been done and there is no going back! I will just have to try my best to suffocate him with Southerness :) Pretty sure he already says "fixin' to," so I am on the right track!!


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