Feista my love :)

I am always so excited to see what the new Fiesta color will be this time of year...last year I was beyond excited to start collecting Lemongrass! This year, however, I'm not that thrilled. The new color is Paprika (below) It's ok, but doesn't really fit into the color scheme I have going with my pieces, so I think I will continue on with the colors i have (not that I really need anything else!) and patiently wait until next year, in hopes of a hot pink!! :)

Sooo I decided to take some pics of all my Fiesta and share with you :)

One side of our built in china cabinet..

The other side...

Covered Casserole Dish..

my Shamrock Sugar and Creamer..

gorgeous gravy boat!

my mismatched sugar and creamer..

love these square bakers!

Divided vegetable bowls..

Au gratin Dishes.... I really need some more colors!

Hostess Set! Love the colors!

Egg dish!!

Pizza Tray!

salt and pepper shakers...or hot hair balloons, as the Farmer likes to call them!

some teapots I found at Canton Dish Barn in Canton, TX...they have tons of Fiesta and offer factory seconds with small imperfections at a fraction of the cost! I have to stop there every time I'm in TX!

Some Disc Pitchers...

I adore this bowl...It was one of the first pieces I got...I cant find it online, so I don't know what the official name is, but I love it!!!

This is my first official piece of Fiesta (10 years ago!) and probably still my fave!! Gorgeous colander!

Peacock Hostess Tray

all my serving/mixing bowls! The red ones at the top are nesting bowls, there are 3 and they are amazing!

my Fiesta vase..I usually decorate it for whichever hoiday it is at the time!

my Fiesta toaster..it's soo cool!!

lovely candle sticks!

LOVE these all Fiesta glass ware..and now they have tumblers!
I must have some :)

These are utility/relish trays but are perfect for corn on the cob!!

Bread tray!

my much used spoon rest..

LOVE these canisters!!! They look soo amazing on my counter!

The fabulous Fiesta knife set!

I wont let the Farmer use it..he doesn't understand why we have a knife set on display...it is just too cute to get messed up :)

picked up this mismatched butter dish at Canton too...

Here is a view of the whole cabinet! Please excuse the messy table :)
Thank you for taking this Fiesta Tour with me..makes me want to start searching for more pieces ;)



  1. Wow! I'm so jealous of your built in! My favorite is how you displayed the pitchers. I love Fiesta too. I just wish I had a bigger cabinet for mine. I'm actually about to give away all my cups and saucers because I just don't have room in the cabinet for them. All 12 colors of them. Never been to the place in Canton... will definitely remember to stop in there!

  2. Oh - and I forgot. Love the Lemongrass color. Not so much on the Paprika. I'd love a pinkish-red myself.

  3. The cups and saucers just kind of take up space!! I never use them...not like I use all of it everyday, but I really never use the cups and saucers :) 20 colors..wow!! I'm feeling like you need to do a Fiesta post too!! And I think we should start a petition for a new pink color!! They could call it lipstick or something fun like that..haha!

  4. Your Fiesta stuff is so fun and displayed so beautifully. Where in the world would you put more stuff though?!? ;o)

  5. Oh my goodness....holy Fiestaware...I love it. So bright and cheerful!!

  6. holy heck you're crazy! but I love it! I have fiestaware too but just a fraction of what you have! love it keep us posted on your finds!

  7. I think you've officially made a fan of me with these gorgeous picures!

  8. Hailey I love your Fiestaware collection! My sister and my daughter love it too! Love the way you have it displayed! Loreen

  9. Don't know if you still have your cups and saucers but the cups are excellent for cupcakes or muffins! We make individual cobblers in the jumbo cups-store bought pie dough and then fill with filling top off with more dough then butter it, cinnamon and sugar and pop'em in the oven till brown-awesome! oh and don't forget the scoop of ice cream!

  10. If you haven't gotten rid of your cups just yet, they can be great for cupcakes or muffins!