Shots from the Ceremony/Reception

This is the Candy Buffet!! Soo cute! Pretty much the only thing I wanted and didn't have at my wedding...hehe :) There was no room for it!!

Her bouquet was gorgeous...I love calla's!

Ok! So this is the Cochon de Lait, translated from French to English, Cochon de Lait literally means "Pig in Milk." The idea behind this Cajun pig roast is to use a suckling (young) pig to get the finest pork flavor. The Cajuns of southwest Louisiana have always enjoyed their pork, but consider a Cochon De Lait to be a special treat. And, to have an excuse for a party makes the project of roasting a pig, even that much more appetizing. Historically, the suckling pig is cooked by the men, over an outdoor fire, while the women prepare other dishes inside the house.

They brought it over to the Newlyweds...

And Clay lit it on fire!! Soo fun!

Father/Daughter Dance!

Aunt Millie and A-Dub...This is my Grandmother's (my Momma's Momma) Sister. She is sooo much fun! I just love her accent, very French/Cajun-y. I have a voicemail from her that I saved just so I could hear her talk when ever I want, it reminds me of my Grandma (Ma) which makes me happy! Every time I see her, she tells me to come visit her so she can cook Cajun food for the Farmer!

Kat, me, and Clay!

My Uncle Kirk and and sister :)

all the kids..minus the Farmer..boohoo, maybe I will photoshop him in :)



  1. Ummm....please tell me where you got your pretty, pretty dress? SO flattering!

  2. I got my dress at Dress Barn! I always find the cutest things there :)

  3. I was just going to say the same thing. What a cute dress! I love the grooms cake too.