Kiss Me, I'm Southern :)

While I was home, my Momma, my sister, and I went to a cooking store and as you might have suspected I got lots of fun stuff for my baking cabinet! It was mostly Easter stuff (stay tuned!) but we found a few St. Patricks items! The shamrock cookie cutter was calling my name, so I decided to use it and give the whole "flooding" of the icing another try!

I basically did the same thing as I did for the Valentines bought roll of dough and all!

soo cute :) I love St. Patricks day..mostly because of all the GREEN!!!

I also found this little decorating kit while we were shopping...

I used the smallest tip for the piping...

I also added more water to the Royal Icing to make it "flood" more smoothly...

Some of the Shamrocks came out of the oven looking more like clouds or flowers, so I loaded them with icing and sprinkles for the Farmer to enjoy!

cutest little Shamrock sprinkles!

gooey and ohh soo yummy!! The Farmer is not really into presentation!

I piped around the edges of the ones that looked like Shamrocks...I used a bit thicker version of the icing for this step.

then let it set up....

then you drop some of the more watered down icing on your cookie and spread it out using a toothpick.


There weren't many that were shamatomically correct ;)

then I used two other shades of green for some fun designs... this detail work should have been done with the more thick icing, but I ran out of powdered sugar!

love it!!

polka dots of course :)

This is what happens when you give the Farmer a tube of icing.....


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