Friday, March 12, 2010

Pizza Pizza!!!

Sooo we had some homemade Pizza Sauce that we bought at the Church Auction in Feb. and I have been anxious to use it!! I love pizza and I'm not picky about it, just as long as there is alot of it :) So when the Farmer and i went grocery shopping, I picked up the necessities for Pizza! We opted for wheat crust and only put peperoni's on his half. I'm trying to be healthy, even though it's getting me NOwhere!

This is what we got...

The Pizza was divine!!

Brush the crust with olive oil...

chop up some green peppers...

and onions...

spread your sauce on the crust....

then add tons of cheese...

now add peperoni (just one half)

then add the veggies...

and mushrooms, then stick it in the oven for 10 minutes!! Easiest "made at home" pizza!! and WAY better than frozen!!

Hot out of the oven!

sooo yummy!! I think next time I will make BBQ chicken pizza!

I have to tell yall that the Farmer really loved this pizza. The reason I know this is because this morning when he came in from chores, he asked if he could have pizza for breakfast...I asked him what he was gonna have fro lunch? (I made extra so we could eat it for lunch too) He said he would just make a sandwich, so I complied. Little did I know he meant he was gonna eat all the pizza, even the part I made "healthy" just for me!!!! I was soooo upset!!! I was really excited to get to eat it again for lunch today!!! Note to more specific with the Farmer when discussing the meal plan!! :)


  1. We use those pizza crust too...they make a homemade pizza easy and delicous!


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