Monday, March 15, 2010

Mamma Mia!!

It was soo fabulous!!!! Of course they don't allow photography inside, so we snapped a few before the show!!

We went to Hard Rock for lunch and JoJo got this amazing burger :)

Thumbs up!! ;)
We actually almost missed the show because we both thought it started at 2:00. We went to Starbucks after lunch to waste some time and people watch! We were soo sick of waiting and at around 12:50 JoElyn said wouldn't it be funny if it had started at 12:30! This scared me, so I immediately checked the tickets. It started at 1:00!!!! AHHHHH!! We freaked out and booked it to the Orpheum!! Thankfully we were only about 3 blocks away and made it just in time...but boy were we freaking out!! hehehe!! This was just one of the many "adventures" on our trip, but we had such a great time!! I am already planning my next musical, much to the Farmer's dismay, I am soo addicted...haha!!


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  1. Sounds like you had fun...good thing you didn't miss the show. If the Farmer decides he doesn't want to go to another musical...I'd love to! I haven't been to one for a few years and would love to go to one. HUGS, TM


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