quick update!

I'm still on vaycay and have tons of pics to share (I have to edit first!). I am having the best time, and it is sooo warm here! I am wearing shorts today..shorts!!! :) Today is my cousin Katherine's Wedding in Covington, Louisiana (near New Orleans). We had a bridal luncheon today at the Acme Oyster House...they have the most amazing food!!! I had a marinated grilled shrimp Po-Boy and charred oysters...my first time to ever eat oysters! I even got a T-shirt to prove it :) We are just relaxing in the hotel now, waiting for the wedding tonight! I hope to get some good pics!

I got to see Halle Faye yesterday!! She is the most precious baby EVER!! I wanted to pack her up in the car and take her home with me! After a quick photo shoot with the baby, Brittany and I headed to the mall and shopped all day long! In fact, that's all I have been doing since I crossed the Mason Dixon line..shopping!! The Farmer is gonna die when he has to unpack my car!! Besides all the shopping, Daddy and I headed over to Vicksburg to tour the Civil War battle field and museum. It was really cool! I had been there when I was in the 4th grade, but had forgotten most of it. I also got to go pick up Cade and August Ann from school on Wednesday. I took them back home and after a short photo shoot surprised them with popcorn and a movie.

I thought I would share the pics we took today at the luncheon....not edited so forgive me :)

this is what it looks like when the cousins get together...classic!

take one...yikes! Broad is not my side!!

now that's better, a little turn to the side...it has been much too long since I have had to pose! This is my cousin Katie, Me, The Bride (Katherine), and my sis! We haven't all been together in AGES! Soo fun to get together!!
I got spray tanned yesterday with Britt..my feet are super gross and orange but the rest looks pretty good! Just weird to see after soo many months of being pastie white! We also got manicures and the outfit (shorts!!) I'm wearing!! So good to get to see her again but we are soo bad for our bank accounts!

Hope yall aren't missing me too much! I will be home on Sunday! I am leaving early in the morning headed to Memphis, TN to see my WWBFF, Lacie. We are gonna take her Bridal Portraits and just enjoy some time together (can't wait!!), then I am headed home to the Farmer..can't wait to get a big hug!!! This is the longest I have been away from home since we got married!

I will try to get pics up sometime this week...I will be busy at work playing catch up, but hopefully I will find the time :) JoElyn (The Farmer's Sister) and I are going to Minneapolis next weekend to see Mamma Mia (sooo excited), so I better get going as soon as I get home!!

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